Refer & Earn

Our Associate Program presents an opportunity for you to participate in a unique business model where you can refer fellow traders and earn more for life. Simply refer a client to sign up and trade with us and you automatically qualify for Associate status. It’s that simple!

How it works

As an Associate you keep earning for life every time a trader that you have referred trades with us. Every trade executed by a referral ensures that a sum of Rs 2 is automatically credited into your account. What’s even better is that there is no limit of traders that you can refer, meaning the more referrals you make, the more earning potential you can realize.

You Refer No of trades executed by your referred trader on a daily basis Earnings per trade(in Rs) You earn per day (in Rs) You earn per month (in Rs) You earn per year (in Rs)
25 traders 10 2 500 11000 132000
50 traders 10 2 1000 22000 264000
100 traders 10 2 2000 44000 528000
  • * Earnings in the above table are based on 10 executed orders per day.
  • * Monthly earnings assume 22 trading days per month.
  • * Yearly earnings assume 12 months per year.