Dividends- highest dividend paying companies in india.

One of the main objectives for an investor to invest in a company is to get returns. Apart from capital appreciation , dividends are one of the major factors for any investor to put in there money into a company. Dividend pay out track record of the company is one of the major influencing factors for investing in a company.

Dividends are the best form of passive income as you just need to buy the shares and then sit back and count the money rolling in. The caveat here is that though most good companies pay the dividends it is not guaranteed. That is where the dividend history comes into picture. If the company has paid dividend in a bad year you can be reasonably sure that you will get dividends through out the lifetime.

Dividends as we know is paid out of the company’s profit and that is generally measure d by something called as the dividend payout ratio which is essentially ratio of dividend paid by the company to the profit after tax. Another measure is the dividend yield which is means that dividend divided by the stock price.

some of the highest dividend paying companies in India are:

Highest Dividend Paying Indian Stocks – 2011

Highest Dividend Paying Indian Stocks for 2011 year are as below. we have researched nearly 700 stocks to find this list.
Company – dividend % – yield %

High dividend stocks India
Hero Honda -5,500 – 5.95- Rs 55
Indiabulls Sec -100 -7.22 – Rs 2
HCL Info – 375 -6.64 – Rs7.5
GE Shipping – 80 – 3% – Rs 8
Tata elexi -70% – 2.3 – Rs7

NOTE: Investment in good dividend paying stocks which have 20% growth in profit can prove to be very beneficial as profit grow fast so the dividend and stock price.